Grebe Among the Flowers


Little grebes tend to hide among vegetation; they are small, and despite the brilliant maroon of the male’s neck, easily missed in a lake blanketed with lily pads; they nest among reeds, carefully covering eggs with grass to shelter them from predators’ eyes when they leave. In the water, they dart quickly, nervously, under the surface, their entire body disappearing, and the ripples fading till it is, once again, utterly still. Then suddenly they are there again, a small surprise, as if they never left, as if all they do is exist, swimming quietly as if they are only a branch blown by the wind.


2 thoughts on “Grebe Among the Flowers”

  1. They are probably shy and also cognizant of danger as they move around. Thus being well camouflaged is a good thing for them. But yes this makes them hard to spot!


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