A Week in the Life: Gap Year Week 16

One week in my gap year, day by day.

Tigers of Taman Negara: Gap Year Week 14

“There are vast stories at play—predator and prey and life and death, epics to which we are tangential. I can’t shake the feeling we’ve interrupted something which will resume when we leave.” A walk with MYCAT in Taman Negara.

Glowing Skies: Gap Year Week 10

As we left, I stood outside, watching the ferns at the island’s edge. The morning sun had made them of gold, had made the sea of silver. My heart ached with that light. How could we lose this to the horizon?

Employment: Gap Year Week 9

When we were climbing Kilimanjaro, my brother delighted in teasing me by threatening, at every sign-in sheet, to put my occupation as “unemployed”. He knew this irritated me immensely—partly because it was him doing it, partly because of the implications I was going to spend the year as nothing but a jobless ne’er-do-well.

As of last week, the label no longer applies: I am now an employed woman.

Lions Before Lunchtime: Gap Year Week 7

Our first morning in Selous Game Reserve, and I’m buttering my toast with intent. I’m trying very hard to spread the rocky butter evenly but I’m only succeeding in leaving intermittent lumps on the bread, and I’m frowning at it, when the elephant walks past.