On Top of the World: Gap Year Week 40

"In a landscape characterized by its tight-knit isolation, where things change, literally, glacially if at all, the transient population of tourists are the ones with the impacts that linger far beyond their ephemeral visits."

Rosary: Gap Year Week 38

“In every direction something loomed; it was easy to think us pioneers, completely alone in a landscape nearly ethereal.” Life on the pasture.

Last Legs: Gap Year Week 36

I thought this trip would be about seeing new places and falling in love or yearning or something beyond with each in turn. But at the end everything has blurred in retrospect. What am I going to write about it all?

Forest of Spirits: Gap Year Week 30

"I was here because these birds were special. Because I could see them nowhere else. Because, by seeing them here, I held another piece of wild in my hands."

Doorways and Eggs: Gap Year Week 29

"This is Asia and I have been here before but every piece of the city is fresh and I feel alive to it all—conscious of my displacement and the shameless curiosity it inspires. I am new here, I keep saying."