Squirrel on the Scent

A Malabar Giant Squirrel, a distinctive two-toned mammal endemic to the Western Ghats, pauses on a tree branch. These wary and shy creatures are difficult to spot, preferring to flatten themselves against a trunk rather than give themselves away through sudden movement. They are capable, however, of jumping up to six meters - and still… Continue reading Squirrel on the Scent


The Wagtail Waits

The yellow wagtail pauses on parallel wire, looks back with keen eye at the hills behind. His shaking stills momentarily, as if he holds his breath for something to emerge out of the sinking light.

Seven Days, Seven Photographs: Sunset in the Ghats

On the extraordinary peacefulness of sunset in the Ghats.

Tales of Shieldtails

Shieldtails are perhaps one of the strangest - and most important - creatures of the Ghats.

The Night Roads

We ride the night roads looking for leopards: our hearts in our mouths, our minds lost to the dark, wind humming in our ears, whispering songs of eyes and the hunt, our lights ever stalking the black. At night, the forest comes alive in ways one cannot see in the whiteness of day. You swing… Continue reading The Night Roads

Painted Bush-Quail

Some meditations on photography and what it means to capture something.