From the Lake to the Trees

Some lovely branches against the sky from the Pyrenees caught my eye. Their curling intricacies fascinated me, especially when the sun shone through - and so I photographed it. On another note, posting will be sporadic to totally absent over the next ten days due to the fact I'm travelling and will likely have no… Continue reading From the Lake to the Trees



Over the past week, I've had the chance to experience something out of my reach for the past four-odd years. It was not seeing a rare bird (unfortunately). Neither was it a sighting of a tiger (extremely unfortunately). It was, ladies and gentlemen... winter, and, accompanied with it, snow. The snow itself was brief, and… Continue reading Branches

A Banyan Story

So the last week has been just... wow. Seriously. I have no other words. It's been a chaotic whirlwind of just stuff happening, one after the other after the other. So, first thing's first. I've talked about the banyan tree before on this blog; I was under the impression, however, that I was talking to… Continue reading A Banyan Story


We have come to the end - of an era, maybe not, but of a rotation around the sun, of the usage of 2-0-1-4 in dates, of - well, really, nothing. Still, it's as good a time as any to round up what I've done and figure out where I'm going. No doubt you've been… Continue reading 2014

Star’s Eye View

Stars as seen from the campfire in Kullu, India. My inability to identify any constellation other than Orion's belt has been a source of great frustration for me; my brother, Neel, has had greater success. Nevertheless, being able to see the stars - even if I can't understand them - is a wonderful feeling. In… Continue reading Star’s Eye View

House, Tree, Stars

My second attempt at star photography: after the relative blurriness of 'Roof and Stars', I decided to grab some books from the shelf for tripod #2. Through balancing my camera's lens on those, I managed capture the above image. Upon later review, I found that the Milky Way itself had made an appearance directly above… Continue reading House, Tree, Stars

The Old Banyan Tree

There are some things that I know are beautiful-- like sunsets, or leaves falling, or simply landscapes passing by in a car. But some things are hard to capture in a photograph, and the end result is often either clich├ęd, or invisible, or simply blurry. This is probably testament to my experience in photography, which… Continue reading The Old Banyan Tree