maybe my heart is full of sky

so maybe the only thing separating loving and living is an oh of amazement – the breathless sound the sky makes when falling the final gradient from dusk to twilight and back again, the way your eyes keep searching for stars only an evenmist away, how your fingertips keep feeling for worlds closeted within atoms,… Continue reading maybe my heart is full of sky


Thoroughfare Tahr

The Western Ghats are a cradle of biodiversity, in every possible sense. Just driving along a road and you'll find endemic primates, birds, ungulates. The Nilgiri Tahr is limited entirely to that small stretch of hills it inhabits; it's listed as endangered on the IUCN red list and lives in the increasingly threatened shola grasslands.… Continue reading Thoroughfare Tahr

What You Leave Behind

These are the Anamalais - the Western Ghats, the cradle of Indian biodiversity, and essentially distilled beauty. I am at somewhat of a loss for words to describe them further - rest assured, you will get looks at the parts of this magnificent whole as the days and weeks roll on.