The Morning Forest: Gap Year Week 2

There’s always something new, even if it’s not what you’re looking for, even if each discovery is not flushed with the adrenaline of drama but rather the soft thrill of witnessing drawn out over time.

Tales of Shieldtails

Shieldtails are perhaps one of the strangest - and most important - creatures of the Ghats.

The Internet and Nature: How I Got Here

So, on Thursday I gave a TED talk. It was about this blog. And it was about birds. And it was about... well, it was about a lot of things. Mostly it was about the Internet, and nature, and what happens, has happened, and will happen, between them - for better or worse. And I… Continue reading The Internet and Nature: How I Got Here


The Pit Viper of Pasir Ris

*loudspeaker voice* Who here's afraid of snakes? You? You? And you? Well, if you are, be glad you didn't meet this one. Probably one of the hardest snakes I've ever photographed. At least ten times I thought it was going to bite me; it was so active, moving up and down, I could even see… Continue reading The Pit Viper of Pasir Ris