The Run of the River

So many water bottles advertise crystal clear, Himalayan water - when we went hiking, we drank right from the source, glacier-chilled. As long as we stuck to running streams it was good - this was water straight from glaciers, some which we could see above us, white behemoths in the distance.



forgive me for wanting to drown in the sky, some days - for wanting to tear out my heart and gift-wrap it in clouds to bequeath the sun.

And So The River Rushes

and so the river rushes and so the dark descends and so each breathless eternity is hummed into the next. one by one by tumbling one. and so the moments f a l l. This image is really one from the archives, dating back all the way to last October's trip to Kullu, in Himachal… Continue reading And So The River Rushes

Little in Green

A Little Bee-eater (Merops pusillus) perches on a branch on the banks of the Mara River. Little Bee-eaters should not be confused with Little Green Bee-eaters (Merops orientalis); they are both two very distinct species - the Little Bee-eater is largely restricted to Sub-Saharan Africa with the more common Little Green Bee-eaterm found in areas… Continue reading Little in Green

Two Birds Diverged

Misidentification is a problem all birders (and, indeed, any naturalist) will know. Birds - to put not too fine a point - are complicated. The tiniest speck of brown in the venting (i.e. the space under their tails) can mean an entirely different scientific name. Perhaps I'm overexaggerating. But when most sightings of birds last… Continue reading Two Birds Diverged