Bright-eyed and Soggy-tailed

On a recent walk to Sungei Buloh we stumbled across this Plantain Squirrel who apparently hadn't scurried away to shelter as fast as we had in the downpour of five minutes earlier.

Rainy Day

My experience of Sungei Buloh Mangroves as a whole was limited, until a few weeks ago, to a field trip in sixth grade (which, incidentally, was involved with an intra-school photography competition which I never got around to entering because I took too many photographs to process), and a cursory walk with my family. But… Continue reading Rainy Day


Raindrops on Redshanks

A recent trip to Sungei Buloh yielded an entirely different birding experience-- including the opportunity to get very, very familiar with Hide 1A when we took shelter there from the rain for almost a full hour. The Common Redshanks (Tringa totanus), a first for me despite their abundance, and the opportunity to watch them and… Continue reading Raindrops on Redshanks