maybe my heart is full of sky

so maybe the only thing separating loving and living is an oh of amazement – the breathless sound the sky makes when falling the final gradient from dusk to twilight and back again, the way your eyes keep searching for stars only an evenmist away, how your fingertips keep feeling for worlds closeted within atoms,… Continue reading maybe my heart is full of sky



forgive me for wanting to drown in the sky, some days - for wanting to tear out my heart and gift-wrap it in clouds to bequeath the sun.

The Night Roads

We ride the night roads looking for leopards: our hearts in our mouths, our minds lost to the dark, wind humming in our ears, whispering songs of eyes and the hunt, our lights ever stalking the black. At night, the forest comes alive in ways one cannot see in the whiteness of day. You swing… Continue reading The Night Roads

Abstractions from the Embers

A fire smoulders on a dark night in Bangalore, India. we burn with unapologetic fury against the dark, the dark, the creeping creeping dark; sing with unrestrained vigor into the silence, the silence the humming humming silence; live with undimmed spark for the light, the light it grows and it grows and it grows  


against this sky’s endless canvas, paint your image with your wings: call it a self-portrait in ultraviolet. I've been experimenting a bit with photo-editing lately. This, of a blue-throated bee-eater from a trip to Sungei Buloh quite a few months back, is one of the results. I'm not sure what I make of it -… Continue reading Flight