Spoonbill at the Side

An Eurasian Spoonbill stands on the banks of Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, in Karnataka, India.

Heatwaves of Hoopoes

Spain isn't hot - at least, not Singapore hot (though it doesn't take much to not be Singapore hot) - but in the mid-afternoon sun, the much-familiar heatwaves abound nevertheless. It was through those that we spotted this hoopoe, some hundred metres in front of us, hopping about on the path. The last time I… Continue reading Heatwaves of Hoopoes



Kullu, Himachal Pradesh is famous for its apples. It being fall when we went, all the trees were bare, but here and there an occasional blossom lingered: intimations of what was to come.

The Golden Rule

Now, the golden rule of life is that to make something cute, you make it fluffy. You only need to look at a panda and the crowd of people surrounding it to prove that. (Pandas are a debatable topic with me. I'll address that later.) Other examples include but are not limited to kittens (Internet, why you so… Continue reading The Golden Rule