A Long Decade’s Flight

A Tawny Coster (Acraea violae) feeds on a flower. Its bright orange-and-black is tiger-like, though, of course, another section of butterflies altogether has been given that name. Previously a migrant in Singapore, since then it has established on the island, becoming increasingly common in urban areas and wastelands. This year marks its decade of residence,… Continue reading A Long Decade’s Flight


Lady of the Flowers

Painted Ladies are the most widely distributed butterfly: found on every continent except for Antarctica and Australia, they're so ubiquitous even halfway across the world, in a continent I was totally unfamiliar with, they were the sole butterfly I managed to identify in Jordan. This individual was spotted at the other end of the continental… Continue reading Lady of the Flowers

The Light Rising

i call this – a salt-stained, Midas-rimmed kiss. it fingers the horizon, caresses the waves. disappears with nothing but a facsimile of hope in its ash-ringed wake. *waves nervously* I'm back! I was away the past week, travelling, mostly: not many birds to show for it, or photographs - still, enjoyable (though a trip sans… Continue reading The Light Rising

Sunrise from Mount Tai

Confucius, seeing the sunrise from Mount Tai, famously pronounced, "The world is small." There's really no more to say about it, except that he was right - and I was freezing. (Like, literally freezing. My breath froze on my scarf and camera - though thankfully only the outside of the latter.)