The Night Roads

We ride the night roads looking for leopards: our hearts in our mouths, our minds lost to the dark, wind humming in our ears, whispering songs of eyes and the hunt, our lights ever stalking the black. At night, the forest comes alive in ways one cannot see in the whiteness of day. You swing… Continue reading The Night Roads


Secret Stars

I was about to delete this image from my night photography venture at Coorg when I took a closer look and realized it held some secrets of its own. Can you spot them? Note: this post is scheduled.

Exposed Sunset

I've been experimenting a bit with long exposures lately. This is one of the results. The biggest problem I face is, lacking an ND filter (and remote), my exposures are limited to 30 seconds - and I need to make sure nothing is overexposed. But I loved the pink clouds that day so I decided… Continue reading Exposed Sunset

Belted Trees

Orion's belt is my favorite constellation, mainly due to the fact it's the only one I can actually identify. In Coorg, it was framed perfectly between the leaves of the trees, while a streetlamp in the corner of the image put stars a thousand miles away in the spotlight.

The Trees and the Stars

The stars on my recent trip to Coorg - a district in Karnataka renowned for its wildlife - were almost as bright as those in Kullu. This time I actually brought along a tripod, which gave me, quite literally, 360ยบ of scope with which to experiment.

Star’s Eye View

Stars as seen from the campfire in Kullu, India. My inability to identify any constellation other than Orion's belt has been a source of great frustration for me; my brother, Neel, has had greater success. Nevertheless, being able to see the stars - even if I can't understand them - is a wonderful feeling. In… Continue reading Star’s Eye View