The Trees and the Stars

The stars on my recent trip to Coorg - a district in Karnataka renowned for its wildlife - were almost as bright as those in Kullu. This time I actually brought along a tripod, which gave me, quite literally, 360ยบ of scope with which to experiment.

Star’s Eye View

Stars as seen from the campfire in Kullu, India. My inability to identify any constellation other than Orion's belt has been a source of great frustration for me; my brother, Neel, has had greater success. Nevertheless, being able to see the stars - even if I can't understand them - is a wonderful feeling. In… Continue reading Star’s Eye View


House, Tree, Stars

My second attempt at star photography: after the relative blurriness of 'Roof and Stars', I decided to grab some books from the shelf for tripod #2. Through balancing my camera's lens on those, I managed capture the above image. Upon later review, I found that the Milky Way itself had made an appearance directly above… Continue reading House, Tree, Stars

Roof and Stars

Prior to my Kullu visit, I had never had the chance to photograph stars before. Singapore's skies are foggy with light pollution and on the best of days, I can see the moon just peaking above the tall buildings that surround my condominium. Kullu was none of those things. With the barest minimum of electricity… Continue reading Roof and Stars