Flurries of Excitement

We take a break from our (semi)regular posts to bring you a flock of assorted Whimbrels, Common Greenshanks, (possibly?) a few Pacific Golden Plovers... and ten Black-tailed Godwits. To be frank, the Black-tailed Godwit isn't a particularly impressive or beautiful bird. It is the dull brown that graces most waders; its black-tipped bill is the… Continue reading Flurries of Excitement


Roots – Black and White Challenge Day 1

So there's a challenge going around Facebook right now - essentially, it's posting five black and white photographs in five days. I was tagged by Preeth and decided that there was no point in just letting FB followers see my posts - I wanted to transfer it to my blog, too. Here's my first image,… Continue reading Roots – Black and White Challenge Day 1

Like a Tailorbird to Water

These Ashy Tailorbirds (Orthotomus ruficeps) perplexed me on a recent trip to Sungei Buloh. Rarely, if ever, do you see such small, sunbird-like warblers so close to the water: an earlier sighting that remains ambiguous in terms of identification on the same trip was, if, identified correctly, of one taking a bath in the mangrove… Continue reading Like a Tailorbird to Water

Crazy Tiny Insects: Crazy Curious (Tiny) Spider

I still haven't identified this spider, spotted at Pasir Ris Boardwalk on a walk there with the Naked Hermit Crabs last weekend. (Admittedly, I know zilch about arachnids.) So, once again, I'm going to talk about something that's not really related to this cute critter at all: namely, Singapore's endemic animals. For such a tiny… Continue reading Crazy Tiny Insects: Crazy Curious (Tiny) Spider