Journal Journeys: Solitude of the Ghats

I want to say to it, come back. Let me see you.


Raganathittu Bird Sanctuary is famous not only for its multitude of water fowl - but also for its bats. It has a huge population of flying foxes, Dracula-esque beasts that fly around eerily in the sky but are really just red fluffy adorable things. (I LIKE BATS, OK.)

Three Lines, Three Photographs, Three Days: Band of the Banded

For today - the last day of the challenge - I was planning on a portrait I had taken during the summer. When I skimmed some old photographs, however, I came across this one, and found it fitted the theme better than the other two, at least. 😛 Banded mongooses, the creatively named Mungos mungo,… Continue reading Three Lines, Three Photographs, Three Days: Band of the Banded


Journal Journeys: The Rock Hyrax

Here's the second installment of Journal Journeys, in which I meet a weird, weird creature. Thursday, 17th of July, 2014 "It is a surprise: seemingly it pops out of nowhere, and there is no chance I would have spotted it on my own. Its nose is stout, and body furry and plump; it appears a… Continue reading Journal Journeys: The Rock Hyrax