Fair of Face

Ok, so this photo may or may not have been taken over a year ago. In my defence: #TBT. Or #TBM. Whatever. Still, this remains one of my most treasured moments from our trip to Kenya. Clich├ęd as it may sound - we were about to turn back, on our very, very last safari, when… Continue reading Fair of Face



The African lion is perhaps the most overly romanticized and/or brutalized animal on the Masai Mara. The classically shaggy mane of hair gracing the males is instantly recognizable. While it is true that in fact female lions are the primary hunters for the pride, male lions are often relied on for sheer brute force. Infanticide… Continue reading Savannah

Cheetah – Black and White Challenge Day 4

Another dig through the archives produced this image. While this wasn't the only cheetah we saw on the Mara, it was by far the best spotting we had of one, and definitely the most unexpected. We were moving from one campsite to another when we noticed a group of vehicles and headed in their direction.… Continue reading Cheetah – Black and White Challenge Day 4

Journal Journeys: Lion Pride

When one thinks of Africa, it is inarguable that the first image that comes to mind is that of the 'king of the savannah', the African lion-- the classic Panthera leo. Adjectives used to define them encapsulate confident, proud, arrogant-- but not vulnerable, or threatened. But that they are. Of the 100,000 in Africa in… Continue reading Journal Journeys: Lion Pride