Why don't we just freeze this moment - leave the waves' foam suspended in white flowers, the rocks stolidly proud-browed. Now the sea holds unknown depths of green and the sky pastel gradations. The wind wipes the salt from our faces; the twilight descending promises a blank slate of night.


Wildflower Wednesdays

Our hike in the Himalayas last August was not defined by its birds, surprisingly enough. Rather, it was defined by its flowers. I tend to avoid flowers, except when as an attraction for butterflies, as a photography subject: stationary plants seem too easy, too facile. But the sheer range we saw in the mountains made… Continue reading Wildflower Wednesdays

For the Sound of Sunset

and so the light rises, over bone-still hills; a river fills vast silences with the thin whistling of time and time again, the susurrating trees becoming their own somnolent witnesses. About a month and a half ago, because I suck at updating, we went for a hike in the Himalayas. It was - amazing, as… Continue reading For the Sound of Sunset

Coup d’Oeil

Car-window glimpses – hints at something beyond the fingerprinted glass and constant humming of movement and silence in their endless dance, because you love like this – bittersweet heart-in-mouth. You cannot do anything else; no space forms for anything else in disappearing tarmac behind and knowledge of the gap between possibility and reality. In the… Continue reading Coup d’Oeil

What You Leave Behind

These are the Anamalais - the Western Ghats, the cradle of Indian biodiversity, and essentially distilled beauty. I am at somewhat of a loss for words to describe them further - rest assured, you will get looks at the parts of this magnificent whole as the days and weeks roll on.

One More Sound for One More Lovely Thing

I think I am in love with the mountains, in all their forms - the breathless immediacy of Himalayan forests, the desolate rocky crags of the Great Rift Valley, the blushing greenery of Japanese hills, and now the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees. It is hard to explain what it is about them. The snaking… Continue reading One More Sound for One More Lovely Thing


No... I'm not done with Montserrat yet. This time, I present to you the big picture, quite literally: these are the hills home to the famed church, and if you squint you can see it, about in the center (the jumble of [straighter] lines than the rest). The scenery of Spain is just so absolutely… Continue reading Serrated

Rainy Day

My experience of Sungei Buloh Mangroves as a whole was limited, until a few weeks ago, to a field trip in sixth grade (which, incidentally, was involved with an intra-school photography competition which I never got around to entering because I took too many photographs to process), and a cursory walk with my family. But… Continue reading Rainy Day