The Little King

So yesterday I gave a TED talk. But that isn't what I'm talking about now. Wait till Sunday. What I'm going to talk about now is something completely unrelated: kingfishers. It's probably pretty obvious by now I freaking love them. Big ones. Ones that don't fit the standard definition (or color range). Heck, even watching… Continue reading The Little King


Pied Detective

Pied kingfishers, while not as sexually dimorphic as the butterfly I posted day before yesterday, are nevertheless distinugishable. While the color scheme - done in the creative shades of black, black, white, and white - does not offer any clue, looking at their chests is the vital key. Males have an unbroken double black band… Continue reading Pied Detective


Those patient enough and knowledgeable enough to sustain a conversation on birding with me will have noticed my very slight obsession with kingfishers. Despite a firm belief we pay too much attention to the bright, flashy birds, the blues of halcyons hold a special place in my heart. The water was my first love, and… Continue reading King