Out of Frame, Out of Mind

While I wasn't planning on posting today, apparently it is World Photography Day, and what is a blog for if not to honor obscure days named in celebration of hobbies, often with even more obscure purpose. This is a (somewhat accidentally) experimental photograph - it is a fight between a drongo and a black kite,… Continue reading Out of Frame, Out of Mind


Of Seeds

So this summer I had the good fortune of spending ten days in the Western Ghats, as my absence from this blog might have indicated. Specifically, I was in a town called Valparai - famous for its lion-tailed macaques, elephants, and hornbills. But what I was doing there actually had nothing to do with any… Continue reading Of Seeds

Some Little Miracles

my dear, you are a tiny Tintoretto, a gangly watermelon-striped ball of feathers and hope that against waves of crushing odds has managed to keep its head above water.

Secret Stars

I was about to delete this image from my night photography venture at Coorg when I took a closer look and realized it held some secrets of its own. Can you spot them? Note: this post is scheduled.

The Long and Winding Road

I'm usually immensely uncomfortable photographing people, usually because I feel overly self-conscious. From the back, however, the problem disappears - no figure is visible, no face to identify with, and instead I can focus on composing the image properly, though usually not well. This coffee plantation worker was heading home after a long day in… Continue reading The Long and Winding Road

Purple Rising

A Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) perches on a tree at a reservoir in Bangalore, Karnataka, watched over by apartment buildings. Despite there being no rivers in the city, lakes are plentiful in what is now supposed to be known as Bengaluru. Most were constructed through dams in the sixteenth century, but now are homes for… Continue reading Purple Rising

Malabar Magic

The Malabar Grey Hornbill is one of the many endemic bird species found in the Western Ghats. It's magical seeing a pair of them in the morning - hearing their calls, tracking them to the bare tree where they sit, knowing that this bird can be found nowhere else in the world.

Pied Detective

Pied kingfishers, while not as sexually dimorphic as the butterfly I posted day before yesterday, are nevertheless distinugishable. While the color scheme - done in the creative shades of black, black, white, and white - does not offer any clue, looking at their chests is the vital key. Males have an unbroken double black band… Continue reading Pied Detective