Last Legs: Gap Year Week 36

I thought this trip would be about seeing new places and falling in love or yearning or something beyond with each in turn. But at the end everything has blurred in retrospect. What am I going to write about it all?

Mountains in the Mist: Gap Year Week 34, Part 2

Fairytales are concrete things with defined tropes and patterns: this is not.

Birding the Chaff

Put it simply, I do not know European birds. Which is why I saw this one and sighed. Its vagueish eyebrow indicated its membership of that hated family: leaf warblers. A brief history - I have seen several in the Himalayas, probably some in the Western Ghats, and a total of nil have been identified.… Continue reading Birding the Chaff


The Case of the Vagabond Wagtails

I've mentioned white wagtails before - and how my desire to see them twisted the identity of completely different bird species to fit my purpose - and so, having yearned and not achieved, I expected that they would be a pipe dream. But fate conspired against me. And so you can imagined how surprised I… Continue reading The Case of the Vagabond Wagtails

Winter Coal

Europe + birds + cold. What could be better? This was one of the first birds I actually had the chance to photograph during our visit to the Spanish Pyrenees. Post-spotting, some dubiously legal fence-jumping took me to this pine tree where it was feeding on... something. Despite having seen the bird previously in the… Continue reading Winter Coal