Swallow on a Stick

A Pacific Swallow ruminates on life when perched on a post in Dairy Farm Nature Reserve.

Something Insanely Exciting

So, the other day I got an email. (See if you can tell where this is heading.) From Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Most wildlife photographers have heard of this competition - organised by the Natural History Museum of London (only one of my favorite museums ever - dinosaurs, anyone?) and BBC Wildlife, it's considered… Continue reading Something Insanely Exciting



Singapore Quarry seemes to come out of nowhere: one moment you're lost in the steamy rainforest of Dairy Farm Nautre Reserve, the next you're confronted with a vast lake and sheer, scarred cliffs. It used to be the site of a granite quarry that devastated the wildlife of a once diverse area; now abandoned, the… Continue reading Quarried

Eyeing the Greenery

A recent trip to the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve with NSS yielded this Green-crested Lizard (Bronchocela cristatella). These beautiful reptiles are usually found solely within primary and secondary forest but can be found in disturbed areas as well. When they feel threatened, they turn brown; however, these stunning creatures' population here is steadily decreasing due… Continue reading Eyeing the Greenery