Field Girl: Gap Year Week 45

"I realized, as my parents and I drove to Mysore for the meet, that I had never quite answered the question for myself. Somehow, I’d always assumed I’d end up in science."

On Top of the World: Gap Year Week 40

"In a landscape characterized by its tight-knit isolation, where things change, literally, glacially if at all, the transient population of tourists are the ones with the impacts that linger far beyond their ephemeral visits."

Diving Deep: Gap Year Week 19

"This is why I’m taking a gap year—to come to things, new or old, and dive in headfirst without needing anything from it. For these firsts that let me see the world in fresh ways, over and over, from beneath the surface."

Tales of Shieldtails

Shieldtails are perhaps one of the strangest - and most important - creatures of the Ghats.

Portrait of a Gaur

The curious charm of the Indian gaur.

Of Seeds

So this summer I had the good fortune of spending ten days in the Western Ghats, as my absence from this blog might have indicated. Specifically, I was in a town called Valparai - famous for its lion-tailed macaques, elephants, and hornbills. But what I was doing there actually had nothing to do with any… Continue reading Of Seeds


The World’s Saddest Dolphins Me: Are whales endangered? Mother: Yes. Me: They’re my favorite animal! Literally, that’s how I fell in love with whales. Driving in the car, a passing conversation– bam. (In my defense, I was probably five then. The prosecution, however, will likely add that I am still in love with them eight years later so… Continue reading The World’s Saddest Dolphins