Forest of Spirits: Gap Year Week 30

"I was here because these birds were special. Because I could see them nowhere else. Because, by seeing them here, I held another piece of wild in my hands."

Jacana’s Jaunt

A bronze-winged jacana makes its slow way across a flower-covered pond, its large feet allowing it to balance on the thin surface of green.

The Wagtail Waits

The yellow wagtail pauses on parallel wire, looks back with keen eye at the hills behind. His shaking stills momentarily, as if he holds his breath for something to emerge out of the sinking light.

maybe my heart is full of sky

so maybe the only thing separating loving and living is an oh of amazement – the breathless sound the sky makes when falling the final gradient from dusk to twilight and back again, the way your eyes keep searching for stars only an evenmist away, how your fingertips keep feeling for worlds closeted within atoms,… Continue reading maybe my heart is full of sky