The World of Wagtails

In Bangalore a pair of wagtails lives on the patch of grass by the basketball hoop. They are a sheer pleasure to watch: they hop, daintily, about the grass, occasionally inclining their head to inspect a blade before jabbing it down, sword-like, to extract some hapless creature. Then they will turn, look up and contemplate… Continue reading The World of Wagtails


Abstractions from the Embers

A fire smoulders on a dark night in Bangalore, India. we burn with unapologetic fury against the dark, the dark, the creeping creeping dark; sing with unrestrained vigor into the silence, the silence the humming humming silence; live with undimmed spark for the light, the light it grows and it grows and it grows  


A Wire-tailed Swallow lands on a branch by a lake on my last birding excursion of 2015.

Tit for Tat

A coal tit I spotted in Bangalore this summer perches on a fence. Note: this post is scheduled.

Swamphen Days

Barcelona's Llobregat Delta proved to be a fruitful trip for me. However, birds I could identify were in a minority - which, thankfully, included this Purple Swamphen. I can now profess myself to be intimately familiar with this species, after having documented them in the Sandpit Swamphens, based on observations of them in Bangalore this… Continue reading Swamphen Days

Out of Frame, Out of Mind

While I wasn't planning on posting today, apparently it is World Photography Day, and what is a blog for if not to honor obscure days named in celebration of hobbies, often with even more obscure purpose. This is a (somewhat accidentally) experimental photograph - it is a fight between a drongo and a black kite,… Continue reading Out of Frame, Out of Mind

Some Little Miracles

my dear, you are a tiny Tintoretto, a gangly watermelon-striped ball of feathers and hope that against waves of crushing odds has managed to keep its head above water.