The Problem with Parakeets

The problem with parakeets is twofold: firstly, they're loud. And secondly, you hardly ever see them well. It's really annoying. Every evening I hear flocks screeching, Formula-1-esque, over the sky. If I'm lucky, I'll look up in time to see a long-tailed silhouette disappears behind a building. More often than not, I look up and… Continue reading The Problem with Parakeets


Life Among Dinosaurs

We went and visited the Natural History Museum in London this spring.I cannot imagine dinosaurs, I realize. In the museums they are deconstructed; they are skeleton, bone, pieces. I cannot place them, however, in the wild, as creatures of swamps and jungle and savannah, as huge and vast and powerful and unstoppable. How can something… Continue reading Life Among Dinosaurs

In Otter Disbelief

They come in a shout, a brief cry of astonishment.

The World of Wagtails

In Bangalore a pair of wagtails lives on the patch of grass by the basketball hoop. They are a sheer pleasure to watch: they hop, daintily, about the grass, occasionally inclining their head to inspect a blade before jabbing it down, sword-like, to extract some hapless creature. Then they will turn, look up and contemplate… Continue reading The World of Wagtails