Returns, Possibilities, and Fourth-Graders: Gap Year Week 21

Last week, I came back to Singapore after three weeks in Sri Lanka. It was a short return, admittedly—I am now elsewhere and continuing what’s now a firmly ingrained bad habit of avoiding any timeliness when writing blog posts. Short returns, though, will now be the norm, especially as I spend longer and longer periods… Continue reading Returns, Possibilities, and Fourth-Graders: Gap Year Week 21



The jumping spider scuttles along the edge of my bag, pauses, stares up at us with small black eyes. I stare back, entranced by the hairs on its body that is only slightly bigger than our fingernail. I put a piece of paper next to it, trying to coax it on; instead it hurries further… Continue reading Jumping

A List of Some Facts

Here are some facts. Today I am angry. I share these sentiments with many around the world. It is not a new anger. It has been festering for a long time. Here is another fact. Today the United States has elected someone who believes climate change cannot exist because if it does it will negatively impact businesses.


A saltwater crocodile sits in the rain at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. The largest of all living reptiles, salties are pretty impressive - and pretty creepy - creatures. They're the most widely distributed crocodile, meaning you can see their eyes just poking over the top of the water anywhere from tropical Asia to the Pacific.… Continue reading Salty

Spider on Sky

We can learn a lot from spiders. For example: how to escape gravity. That is not to say we are all trapeze artists, capable of dancing through the air on silken cords. But rather to understand how to balance on a knife's edge, to find a home and comfort millimeters from falling. How to resist… Continue reading Spider on Sky