Mountains in the Mist: Gap Year Week 34, Part 2

Fairytales are concrete things with defined tropes and patterns: this is not.

Forest of Spirits: Gap Year Week 30

"I was here because these birds were special. Because I could see them nowhere else. Because, by seeing them here, I held another piece of wild in my hands."

Doorways and Eggs: Gap Year Week 29

"This is Asia and I have been here before but every piece of the city is fresh and I feel alive to it all—conscious of my displacement and the shameless curiosity it inspires. I am new here, I keep saying."

Coming Back: Gap Year Week 28

I felt more than a little sad coming back to Singapore. Six weeks in India had felt like they could and would last forever: a month and a half stretched far into the distance until you were at the end of it and parting at the airport and staring down a boarding pass that sent… Continue reading Coming Back: Gap Year Week 28


Roots: Gap Year Week 26

"After a week in the unfamiliarity of the Andamans, I was looking forward to the five days in Vizag. No one will take care of you like your grandparents do, my mother reminded me just before I arrived. Finally, I was reaching somewhere like home."