Star’s Eye View


Stars as seen from the campfire in Kullu, India. My inability to identify any constellation other than Orion’s belt has been a source of great frustration for me; my brother, Neel, has had greater success. Nevertheless, being able to see the stars – even if I can’t understand them – is a wonderful feeling. In Singapore, due to our residence in a condo, we’re lucky if we see the moon most days. My envy for those living in the countryside or somewhere where the stars can be seen regularly is reaching unparalleled heights.


6 thoughts on “Star’s Eye View”

  1. Remarkable shot! Wow. We 21st century humans don’t look up at the stars nearly often enough, do we?! I love the orange glow on the overhanging leaves and branches, too – presumably from the campfire?


    1. Yes – the orange glow is from the campfire. For most of us 21st century humans I think the problem is not looking up for stars but the stars being visible in the first place – at least for me, usually in the middle of the city. Thank you!


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