The African lion is perhaps the most overly romanticized and/or brutalized animal on the Masai Mara. The classically shaggy mane of hair gracing the males is instantly recognizable. While it is true that in fact female lions are the primary hunters for the pride, male lions are often relied on for sheer brute force. Infanticide is practiced by dominant males to ensure only their cubs survive.


6 thoughts on “Savannah”

    1. Occasionally. When a dominant male ‘takes charge’ of a pride, either by driving out the previous alpha or by the death of the previous alpha (which is the more unlikely occurence), he often kills the cubs of the pride, which, of course, were fathered by a lion who wasn’t him. From a survival standpoint, it’s a smart choice. Those cubs are more likely to grow up and present a challenge to his dominance than his own. In addition, without a cub to take care of, the lionesses will come more quickly back to oestrus. While it may seem like a heartless act, it’s highly efficient and the best way of propagating your genes (that is, if you’re a lion. If you’re human, I would suggest avoiding it.).


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